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Tricolops Dimensioning Application Integration Guide

Alice Chang
on 11/26/18, 4:42 PM 2,236 views

The most up to date integration guide can be found here, for help integrating with the dimensioning application, please contact support@tricolopstechnology.ca.

This guide outlines different methods to obtain dimensions from Tricolops Dimensioning application, allowing you to print shipping labels directly from a barcode scan. The Tricolops Dimensioning application can be downloaded here. Follow this guide to setup the Tricolops Dimensioning application.
A scale or Tricolops dimensioner connection is not required for testing, the application will simply respond with 0 values if the scale or dimensioner is not connected.

There are 2 ways to get dimensions from the Tricolops Dimensioning application:

  • TCP/IP socket

  • Webserver / RESTful API


It is recommended to use TCP/IP method if you are using a Windows or Linux Desktop application.

  • With the Tricolops Dimensioning application running, the application will listen to port 59086 on localhost (

  • Once communication is established, the program will respond to the following ASCII character commands:

    Example reply
    Return dimensions of the object (dimensions are always in mm)
    0.0 0.0 0.0 (if no object detected)
    12.3 13.3 14.3 (object detected)
    Return dimensions of the object
    (dimensions are as displayed)
    0.0 0.0 0.0 (if no object detected)
    12.3 13.3 14.3 (object detected)
    Weight captured by the scale
    (weight is always in kg)
    Return weight of the object
    (weight is as displayed)
    Send test dimensions (Can be used without a dimensioner connected)
    1.23 12.3 123.0
    Terminate communication (the
    communication socket will be closed)
    Terminate Tricolops Dimensioning App
    (the communication socket will be closed and Tricolops Dimensioning App will

    Sample Screen Shot:

Webserver / RESTful API

It is recommended to use the RESTful API method if you are using a web application to communicate with the Tricolops Dimensioning app

  • The application will listen to HTTP port 8080 on localhost ( while it is running.
  • The HTTP port can be configured by going to Advanced -> Settings -> Advanced -> Webserver Port
  • The API end point is
  • Sample data
    NOTE: dimensions are always in mm, weight is always in kilograms
      "length": "388.113037",
      "width": "321.346466",
      "height": "689.845215",
      "weight": "11.920000",
      "status": "7",
      "message": "Object detected"
    { "length": "0.000000", "width": "0.000000", "height": "0.000000", "weight": "0.000000", "status": "0", "message": "Device not connected"
  • List of status and codes:
    Status State
    0INIT – Application is running, but no dimensioner is connected
    1CONNECTING – Application is attempting to connect to a dimensioner
    2REQUIRE_SETUP – Additional setup is required (setting dimension area)
    3CONNECTED – Application has successfully connected to the dimensioner
    4WARMUP – Dimensioner is warming up
    5NOT_READY – Dimension area is not flat / not perpendicular to surface
    6READY – Dimensioner is dimensioning packages but no package is detected in dimension area
    7DIMENSIONING – Package is detected in dimension area, if package is dimensioned successfully, length, width, and height will be non-zero. If the package cannot be dimensioned (out of field of view, too reflective, or dark), length, width, and height will be zero.

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