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Tricolops Dimensioner Hardware Setup Guide

Alice Chang
on 11/26/18, 11:32 AM 3,650 views

This document help you setup Tricolops parcel dimensioners for the first time.

  1. Unpack package and check all items are present.

  2. Connect and tighten dimensioner to L tube using Allen key. Make sure the dimensioner is perpendicular to the tube.

  3. Use provided clips to clip secure USB wire to tube.

  4. Connect the L tube to the base board and tighten using Allen key.

    For DIM 140, connect the extension tube to the baseboard first.

  5. Connect the camera USB cable to extension cable, and connect the USB extension cable to a computer.

  6. Setup the Tricolops Dimensioning Application on Windows

    Follow the Software Setup Guide

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