PackIT Smart Packing Software

Avoid the sticker shock when your customer hits the Checkout button. PackIT allows you to accurately estimate shipping charge at customer checkout, as well as using the most optimal box to use when pick and packing, all without knowing the size of your inventory items!

API Documentation

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Computing the right sized box for packing an order based on item dimensions often fails the real world test. Factors such as irregular shapes, packaging & padding materials, and item stacking are rarely considered. This is why PackIT uses a different approach when it comes to package optimization. PackIT observes your best packers in the background and remembers the size and weight of boxes used to pack specific items and quantities. After enough data is gathered, PackIT will be able to suggest the size and weight of box of the current order based on similar orders from the past.

PackIt process overview
Shipping estimation at checkout

Accurately quote freight charges on checkout

Using a real-time shipping charge calculator shows you are not inflating the quoted shipping fees or raising item prices to cover the charges, and can win you a lot of customer trust. It is important to have accurate dimensions and weight, because charging too little for shipping will impact your margins, but charging too much will increase shopping cart abandonment rates.

Simply tell PackIT which items and quantities are in the order, as well as the size and weight of the box(es) used. After enough data is collected, PackIT will be able to determine the box size and weight for the current order based on similar orders in the past.

The most optimal box, every time

PackIT will only learn from the best way to pack an order based on total volume and number of boxes. You will also be able to tell PackIT which order was damaged during shipping, giving it a good slap on the wrist so it is less likely to suggest the same thing next time.

Let your best packers optimize how you pack orders during the slow seasons, and PackIT will keep track of it and significantly reduce your freight and packaging costs when times get busy.

Package optimization during order pick and packing
Select rightsized package during pick and pack

Pick and pack with confidence

Faced with a large picking list, even the most experienced pickers cannot estimate the rightsized box to pack the order. Most pickers will pack items into a much larger box than necessary, simply because if the box is too small, all the items will have to be transferred from one to another.

Knowing which box would fit the order allows your pickers to pick directly into the final box, as well as making sure the rightsized box is used to pack an order.