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Selecting the most optimal carrier with accurate dimensioning



This vehicle lighting and safety systems manufacturer used accurate dimensioning to select the most optimal carrier for every shipment, reducing average freight cost by 3.7%.


Decrease in freight cost


Reduction in billable weight overcharge 


Volume-based accuracy rate


Making Vehicle Safety Systems

Grote Industries is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers for vehicle safety systems.

Since 1901, the company has provided state-of-the-art safety system solutions for OEM and aftermarket customers worldwide. Its products include LED and incandescent lighting, mirrors, obstacle detection systems, vehicle wiring systems and reflective accessories.

Grote Industries - Tricolops Dimensioner case study


Rising Freight Charges

Grote uses BlueJay multi-carrier shipping solution supported by Logistyx Technologies to pre-calculate shipping costs for invoicing and selecting the lowest cost carrier for a particular shipment

When carriers in North America introduced dimensional weight, 37% of Grote's U.S. bound shipments were charged by dimensional weight, resulting in  billable weight that is sometimes 30% higher than quoted. As a consequence, the BlueJay software wasn’t always picking the lowest cost carrier based on actual weight alone.


Implementing Tricolops

Grote Industries - Tricolops Dimensioner case study

Grote Canada implemented the  Tricolops dimensioner at its Markham, Ontario distribution warehouse.

The company chose the  Tricolops dimensioner not only because it is much more affordable compared to competitive products, being fully integrated with the BlueJay software meant that it did not slow down its existing fulfillment workflow.

The  Tricolops dimensioner was installed by trained technicians under 30 minutes without disrupting operations, and instantly dimensioned boxes and mailing tubes.


Do Shipping the Right Way

By integrating Tricolops dimensioner with its BlueJay system and selecting the most optimal carrier for every shipment, Grote Canada has seen the following results:

  • 99.93% accuracy rate between estimated and actual volume

  • 82.7% decrease in billable weight overcharge compared to prior periods

  • 3.7% reduction in average freight cost per pound compared to prior periods, accompanied by a shift from selecting one carrier to another

Grote Industries - Tricolops Dimensioner case study

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